Dear investor or sponsor! if you like our project and our ideas and want to help accelerate the development of the project, you can send any amount in cryptocurrency to our addresses! on the development of the project, we have already invested a small amount, but to enter the major exchanges, we can not afford yet! most of our funds are now used to develop a secure code and launch a mobile application with a CASHBACK but in cryptocurrency( there are no such services in Russia yet, but abroad is gaining popularity and new companies are raising millions to launch a cashback in Bitcoins! all funds that will go to our cold wallets will be returned to the same address from which you send + % of our business after promotion and launch (do not send from exchanges, etc. where you do not own wallets otherwise we will not refund you).

You can also buy our coins as an investment , but the exchanges do not have such large amounts in coins, so please contact us by e-mail if you want to buy in large quantities!

balances of our wallets and your transfers can be tracked on any Explorer!

we can also advertise your business on our website and all our social networks and forums!


ETH 0x64fEEAC514B7F3Fe7D29f8645812c20e3521203e

Thanks for understanding!



soon started Masternodes and  if you wanted invest , we  may be sell max only 5 Masternodes: 0.12Btc 1 MN  write in only our email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ( price  may be change )  or our discord, telegram
all btc will for pay new exchanges and new service!